May 28, 2023
Mode 2 - ԱԿ


Night Service
Ganonaklookh score and audio
Hanksdyan Sharagan - score and audio
Orhnootyoon - score and audio
Alelook - score

Morning Service
Harts score and audio
Medzatsoostseh - score and audio
Voghormya score and audio
Der Hergneets - score and audio
Yooghapereets Gark

Divine Liturgy
Introit/ Zhamamood score and audio
Jashou Sharagan - scoretranslation 
and audio
Scripture Reading- in English *
Gospel (Western Armenian) -  text and 
Gospel (Krapar) - text and pronunciation

Additional materials for Divine Liturgy on Pentecost Sunday
1. Order of special rite
2. Prayer of St. John Chrysostom to the Holy Trinity - Krapar or English and Western Armenian
3. Sharagans
"Sarsapelee Hoghmo Numan" - score and audio
"Aysor Yergnayeenkn" - score and audio
"Vor Ee Vera" - score and audio
Click here for all three special sharagans found in the “Solemn Divine Liturgy of the Armenian Church” (New York, 1968)

* Sunday and Festal Readings are from "The Lectionary of the Armenian Church (Jashots Kirk)" prepared by Rev. Fr. Arshen Ayvazian. The book can be ordered  through the St. Nersess Seminary website,, or via phone at (914) 273-0200.