Since 2004, the SMC has sponsored the Boyajian Junior Directors Program (formerly known as Junior Choir Leadership Development Program (JCLDP). This notice is the first communication, as part of the planning activities of this program, for the 2023 BYCDP. The programs in 2004, 2005, 2007-2009, 2010-2013 were held at the Ararat Center and St. Nersess Armenian Seminary.  The 2006 program was conducted in Armenia. In the coming year 2023, the program will again be held at St. Nersess Armenian Seminary.

BYCDP is a  3 year, one week, program scheduled usually for the second week of August every year. Applicants who complete all three consecutive years will receive a certificate from the Sacred Music Council. 


The program will take place Tuesday, August 8 through Saturday August 12, 2023.


As in the previous years, the program will consist of a series of intensive sessions in the areas of: general survey of Armenian sacred music history, general survey of Western music history, calendar of the Armenian Church, music theory and sight-singing, krapar, vocal training, and conducting.


Leading musician practitioners of these areas, from across the parishes of the Diocese, will be the instructors for these sessions so that the participants of this program will be able to benefit both from the knowledge as well as the experience of these talented individuals. Each day will consist of four 75-minute sessions - there will also be time for fellowship and sports competitions after classes each day.


The BYCDP 2023 will select participants who have already demonstrated leadership characteristics in their community as well as musical ability based on formal musical training. Upon completion of the BYCDP, these individuals will provide lifetime service to their Armenian Church communities. Participants will be nominated by their choir directors or clergy.  
The ideal candidates for this program: age range of 14-18, GPA of 3.0 or above, already involved in local parish activities for at least a minimum of 1 year (Senior Choir, Junior Choir, Sunday School, Armenian Language School, ACYOA), be able to read music, ability to read Armenian (at least be able to follow the English transliteration).


Please review the application form. Submit candidates by using this application form, along with a payment of $500.00 by June 15, 2023. As in the past, $500.00 does not represent the complete cost of the program, but is the cost that is being passed on to the nominating parishes. The remaining cost will be underwritten by the Sacred Music Council.

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