May 26, 2024
First Sunday after Pentecost
Remembrance of the Prophet Elijah
Tone 1 - ԱՁ


Night Service
Ganonaklookh - score and audio
Hanksdyan Sharagan - score and audio
Avak Orhnootyoon - score  and audio
Alelook - score and audio

Morning Service
Harts - score
Medzatsoostseh - score
Voghormya - score
Der Hergneets - score
Yooghapereets Gark

Divine Liturgy
Introit/ Zhamamood score and audio
Jashou Sharagan - scoreaudio and translation
Scripture Readings- in English *
Gospel (Western Armenian) -  text and pronunciation
Gospel (Krapar) - text and pronunciation

Feasts and Saints Commemorated during the week
Monday, May 27 - 
Commemoration of St. Hripsime and her Companions
Tuesday, May 28 - Commemoration of St. Kayane and her ompanions
Thursday, May 30 - Commemoration of Saints John the Forerunner (Baptist) and Bishop Atanagine
Saturday, June 1 - Feast of St. Gregory the Enlightener’s coming out of Pit